The Decentralized VC

DVC is the collective umbrella of specialized syndicates that invest in companies from Pre-seed through Series C. Our investment team comes from diverse backgrounds and are founders and operators. 

Our Team Is a Collective of Founders Turned Investors 

We’ve raised & deployed over $30M+ for 100+ startups since launching in January 2021. As former founders, we are helpful in peak moments and will open up our networks to you for hiring, fundraising, partnerships and advice.

We invest through invite-only syndicates (SPVs) and some of our partners invest through their own Funds.



Shaherose Charania


Shaherose leads the Investment Team at Nike’s incubator, Valiant Labs. She has been a player-coach to a diverse set of B2C startups for over 15 years. She has been a founder, operator (product, brand, GTM), corporate leader, advisor and ran her own incubator.  She is an investor in Blume, LTSE, Medcorder, Devoted Health and an Advisor to and Eniac Ventures. 


Jan Bromberger


Jan is a serial founder, who turned full-time investor after his third exit. He joined DVC as a founding partner to invest in SaaS, consumer subscriptions, marketplaces, and tech. He's a data-driven investor with a bias for 100x upside deals, founding teams with a proven track record, and strong moats. When not working with founders, he enjoys paragliding.


Jeroen Bertrams


Jeroen is a 3x founder and 10x author. Investments include Notion, Albert, Carta and Rappi. He was Techcrunched with three different companies and is now a full time investor and founding partner of DVC. Expert in online strategy and growth. Works on getting one of his books into a movie in his spare time.


Arian Ghashghai


Arian is an ex-internet founder, currently working on machine learning systems for AR/VR devices at Meta. He previously worked on Facebook's integrity systems. As an investor, he focuses primarily on the future of computing platforms and content mediums, backing early-stage deep tech companies with special interest in AR/VR, deep ML, wearables and brain-computer interfaces (and more).


Milan Thakor


Milan is a serial founder and YC alumni. He is currently Head of Product at Cold Start Ventures, a healthcare venture studio. He brings years of founding-scaling experience having led growth and product teams at Lyft and Blink Health pre-IPO after his first healthcare marketplace startup was acquired. Milan’s investing focus is been built on mentorship and founder support with empathy navigating early stage product, fundraising, and team challenges.

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Taimur Sajid


Taimur is an angel investor, founder, and data scientist. He spent a decade in financial services, where he launched new businesses at Blackstone and J.P. Morgan that managed billions of dollars of capital. He invests primarily in fintech (specifically lendtech), web3, and proptech, where he assists companies with debt capital, credit risk, and treasury management.


Omar Nasser


Omar leads reseach efforts at 500 Global's ecosystems team and comes from a sales and BD background. Having worked at 4 startups on go-to-market strategy at the early stages, he now advises founders crafting a 0-1 sales process. He supports the partners with thesis work, memos, and maintaining contact with LPs.


Erik De Stefanis


Erik is an ex-founder turned investor. Simultaneously to being on the DVC team, he is also a team member at Interlace Ventures. Erik is Swedish-American, and has an affinity for startups from the Nordics and founders with strongly held opinions about the markets they are operating in. Vertical-wise, he looks primarily at nextgen commerce-tech, consumer-tech, prosumer/FOW, creator tools, and more. 

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Sundeep Ahuja


Sundeep is a 3x founder-turned-investor who’s currently GP @ DVC, Duro Ventures, and Climate Capital. Prior investments include Good Eggs, Substack, Mighty Buildings, Goodreads & Shef. He's also the author of Haline, a 4.5 star-rated “Hunger Games meets climate change” novel. 


Ethan James Appleby


Ethan is a 3x venture-backed founder and senior product leader. He co-founded the investor communities 500 Startups Alumni Syndicate (Accelerated VC), and Ventures Unknown (trips to emerging tech ecosystems). He has invested in 50+ startups and focuses on tech companies focused on education, humanity, wellness, and industries lacking innovation. He loves to travel (73+ countries), playing tennis and curating art on Instagram.


Dan Hightower


Dan is a 2x founder/CEO, full-time Twitter addict, and author of newsletter Dan is currently Director of Growth Product at Carta. He started angel investing after his first startup exited. He is a prior US Army Special Forces Green Beret, where he specialized in trauma medicine.


Maia Bittner


Maia is a founder of two venture-backed companies (both acquired), who now works as Voice of the Member for Chime, the largest and fastest growing US fintech. Maia serves on the Board of Trustees of Olin College of Engineering, and runs Fintech Book Club in her free time. She was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.